How to scan an object in MagiScan 3D Scanner tool?

For better scanning results, the following conditions should be met:

  • The object for scanning should be fully placed in the frame

  • Photos should be taken from all sides and from above

  • The camera should be always focused on the object

  • Ensure that the scanned object is not glossy or transparent, as such surfaces are not suitable for 3D scanning

  • Keep in mind that the surface on which the object is located should also be non-reflective and non-transparent

  • Good lighting is important for good scanning; do not scan at night without daylight or external light sources

  • If there are no light sources, a "flash" button has been added in both automatic and manual mode to serve as a flashlight and provide illumination for the scanned object

  • There are some objects that cannot be photographed from all sides, such as museum exhibits or sofas that are against the wall. In these cases, use manual stop for the scan! (Show a photo of an incompletely scanned object with a hole)

  • If it is possible to take photos of the object from all sides, try to not interrupt the scan and use the maximum possible number of photos when scanning.

Uploading photos to the server (WARNING)

When scanning is completed the photos will be automatically uploaded to the server for processing. It is crucial not to close the application during this process, as this may result in the photos not being uploaded to the server. For a successful upload, keep the app open.

Processing photos on the Server

Once the upload of photos to the server has finished, the processing of the 3D model begins, based on the photos taken. Processing occurs in the cloud, so you don't have to keep the application open during this time. However, processing time can vary depending on the server load, but if you have a premium plan, your processing priority will be higher, and the process will be faster. We will send you a notification when the processing is completed, along with the number of scans completed, so it's important to allow the app to send notifications to you.

Model view screen

On the Model View Screen, you can evaluate the quality of the 3D model. To control gestures, rotate it in the desired direction. You can move the model vertically and horizontally by using two fingers. The polygon mesh can be viewed with and without textures.

Catalog of 3D Models

In the Models section, you will find all the models that you have scanned. The server stores models for 30 days, but you can increase the storage time by purchasing a premium plan. To delete a model, tap and hold on the model card, and a menu will appear with the option to delete the model.

AR View

You can place the 3D model in Augmented Reality to see how it would look in real life. On the Model View Screen, press the AR View button, select a surface, and place the object. You can zoom in or out using gestures and enjoy the result.

Export to 7 formats

Choose the format that suits your needs or work tasks:

  • USDZ (to view in iOS without specialized apps)
  • GLTF (open 3D format for web JSON)
  • GLB (open 3D format for web binary GLTF)
  • OBJ (text-based 3D model format)
  • STL (for 3D printing)
  • FBX (universal 3D model format for Blender, 3D Max, etc.)
  • PLY (3D model format)

Can I get additional free scans?

Yes, you can receive 1000 additional scans for free by writing an article or creating a video about us and promoting us on your social media or blog.

Screenshot of the profile screen with 1000 scans

Where can I see the status of my profile?

In the profile section, you can see your current premium status, scan priority, and number of daily scans.

Screenshot of a profile with an active premium. There are fields for status, increased processing speed, number of available scans and the date of the next payout. You can change plans or leave feedback

Feedback form

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill in the feedback form in the profile section and make sure to include your email. We will promptly respond to all inquiries and assist with any technical issues related to the app's operation.

The feedback is in the profile

Premium Subscription

  • By purchasing a premium subscription, you can increase the limit of scans to 300 per month. 10 scans are credited to your account every day.
  • You receive the highest priority in the server-side processing queue.
  • Cloud backup: all your models will be stored in the cloud on our servers.

A screenshot of the pavilion from the application. The benefits are shown:
                300 scans per month (+ 10 scans per day)
                Faster Proccesing Speed (First priority processing)
                Model life extension (Removing the 30-day limit + backup)